• To form 500 SHG

  • To Facilitate 50 Farmer club

  • To facilitate 300 Gaon Kalyana Samitte

  • To promote learn by fun education in 100 school by 2012

  • To establish one short stay home for destitute, widow etc

  • To provide child Education, Nutrition, Health Care services for 1000 children

  • To establish a hospital on naturepathy

  • To increase the income level of 2,000 low-income familiesthrough micro-finance activities.

  • To provide vocational training to 500 poor tribal unemployed youths by 2012

  • To provide sanitation facilities to 1000 nos of house hold by 2012

  • To Construction of water harvesting structures, watersheds, check dams in 100 villages for proper irrigation

Enabling a just and healthy society in which the underprivileged get equal access and control over resources, participate in decision making process and live a life of dignity.

Empowering the community through capacity building with specific focus on women, children, youths and Scheduled Tribe & Scheduled Caste.