Voluntary Action for the Rural Reconstruction (VARR) is a secular, apolitical philanthropic Organisation solely committed to the cause of rural regeneration. The nightmarish scenario of rural India with myriad problems like poverty, ignorance and disease rends the hearts of the founding members of the organisation triggering off its birth in 1993 with their whole hearted and integrated endeavour.

Since its inception VARR has sailed a long way in rural development. It has emerged as a capable activist in District voluntary sector and working in 131 villages in 4 blocks.

The organisation works at three levels; First, it carries out community  development programmes in direct partnership with the poor and marginalized in the remote tribal areas of the district. Its grass root level activities are aimed at enabling people to create their own institutional means for fulfilling their needs and securing their entitlements. Second, it extends its support to primary level community based organisation (CBO) and other development organisation and networks to accelerate the process of social changes. Third, it carries out policy research and advocacy on issues concerning the poor and tries to reorient development policies and paradigms along their needs and aspiration.


Enabling a just and healthy society in which the underprivileged get equal access and control over resources, participate in decision making process and live a life of dignity.

Empowering the community through capacity building with specific focus on women, children, youths and Scheduled Tribe & Scheduled Caste.